Shadowlands Battle Pets

Here are some of the new battle pets you can collect in Shadowlands including the Anima Wyrmling from the Epic Edition of the latest expansion. I’m excited to see so many new models and look forward to collecting them all. Many of the pets have multiple colour variations and while a lot of sources are still unknown, I’ve included some of my favourites.

In some exciting news, there is no new pet currency planned for Shadowlands. Whoo-hoo! Guess I should probably start doing some WQs again because I’m only completing the odd pet mission.

Covenant Pets

There will be at least one battle pet for each covenant but the pet(s) will only be usable by that covenant. It’s also been reported that one pet “eats up slime pools and gets you items” when brought out in Maldraxxus so it will be interesting to see which pet does what.


Animated Tome – drop from Scrivener Lenua

Bound Lightspawn – drop from Light Elementals

Burdened Soul – drop from Hidden Crypt

Crimson Dredwing Pup – drop from Dredbats

Decaying Oozewalker – Oily Invertebrate

Emotional Leecher – drop from Leeched Soul / Manifestation of Wrath

Raw Emotion – Sanguine Depths

Rose Spiderling – Tomb Burster +/or Vendor: Funguss

I don’t know about you but after watching Swamp Thing recently, I’m digging this miniature version.


A Stolen Stonefiend

Lost Soul – WQ: Swarming Souls

Grubby – A Bittersweet Prize

Plagueborn Slime



PHA7-YNX– Engineering 115


Trapped Stonefiend – Bleakwood Chest

Violet Dredwing Pup – Rendle and Cudgelface’s Quickly Wrapped Gift Box

Luminous Webspinner – Cache of Eyes


Court Messenger Mistress Mihaela – Court of Harvesters (Revered)

Dal WQ: A Stolen Stonefiend – Revendreth

Dredger Assistant – Temel – requires Ember Court (Friendly)

Dusky Dredwing Pup – Court of Harvesters – Paragon – Revendreth


Primordial Sludge

Corpulent Bonetusk

Oonar’s Arm

Pernicious Bonetusk

Plagueborn Slime

Do you have a favourite?

This post is likely to change over the course of the beta

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  1. Nice summary! Your ‘three favourites’ may be the best-looking ones so far, too.

    I’m still playing catch-up on a lot of things; I hope this doesn’t get too involved up again.

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    • Yep, will have to see how much effort these require. Curious about the new pet battles too.

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