What more can I say, Coolidge and I have been going to ZG ever since we can remember trying to get the two mounts that drop in there. They say patience is a virtue but I also think persistence has something to do with it too – even though he managed to get the Swift Razzashi Raptor mount the first time we tried to farm it. How lucky is that?! That was back in Oct ’08.

ZG tiger mounts e1595743495239 Swift Zulian Tigers

Since then we have been consistently heading back in there to try for the tiger as well; which I managed to get in Jan of this year. But with the announcement of the removal of the raid instance in Cataclysm, we have been even more diligent in getting a cat for him and the raptor for me but we both agree the Swift Zulian Tiger would have been the ultimate mount to get. Three down. Hopefully, one to go. I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes until then.