When I first heard about this achievement I was wondering about the origin until Coolidge showed me the quote on video.

I spent all of today working on my last 70 points. This meant doing a lot of PVP and with the 12-15 minute wait for matches it turned out to be a very long day. However, trying to figure out my last 30 points turned out to be a little difficult. Coolidge had the great idea of killing Forgemaster Garfrost in the Pit of Saron for Doesn’t Go to Eleven. But once I was up to 8990, we decided to head to Ulduar to get Dwarfageddon (25 player) done. I must say that it was kind of anticlimactic since I didn’t get any new Feat of Strength in my log. In fact, I thought they might have taken the achievement out.

After some research from Nav though, we discovered that we needed more than 9000 for it to trigger the feat. Duh! That’s why it’s called OVER 9000! So thinking about another 10 points we went for Take Out Those Turrets (25 player). Getting the achievement was the easy bit. Working our way to him, however, turned out to be quite time-consuming. All-in-all we died a couple of times but I couldn’t have done it without my morale coach Coolidge. Not bad for a 2P effort either :P

Thanks to all who helped me get this far and here’s to the next 9000! :)