When Coolidge mentioned that he wanted me to go Shadow and be in my PVE gear I had a few ideas in mind; but when I saw him taking me through the Vashj’ir portal I knew exactly what he was planning. :)

Whale Shark

One thing you will notice when you visit Vashj’ir is that there are several Whale Sharks in the area. We actually tried a couple of different ones before settling on the second one for the achievement. There are two that swim pretty close to each other in the Shimmering Expanse, around Nespirah. We ended up kiting the closer one to the surface since people seem to have the most success with that one. After a few attempts, we managed to get a hold of our resident Master Kiter – Aza for tips and assistance.

Some tricks to use:

  • The kiter must maintain threat on the shark or he will reset;
  • Try to maintain between 6-20 yards of the shark at all times;
  • < 6 yards will result in instant death = reset.
  • > 20 yards = reset.
  • Swimming backwards allows you to stay a pretty consistent distance from the target
  • Maintain the same level with him (actually slightly lower than his body) so you can maintain the same speed throughout.
  • Some mentioned using a range addon for this. We didn’t need it after following the above rules.

Whale Shark KS

Before long we had a new kill and achievement to boot! Who cares that he doesn’t drop any loot…

Thanks Az