I’ve been collecting rares in the game for as long as I can remember. It all began with a shot of Rak’shiri in Winterspring. I can’t quite remember why I asked Huga to take a shot of him. I think I was wanting to tame him as a pet at the time and thought it would be cool to start a collection of all the rares in the game.

Mazzranache My Rare Silver Dragon Collection

This has to be one of my all-time favourite rare shots

lord sinslayer My Rare Silver Dragon Collection

Divine Aegis, FTW!

I always try to get a great action shot, hopefully while they are displaying what is unique about themselves whether it be a spell or whatnot. This quite often involved Coolidge getting smacked around by something while I stood back and got that perfect shot.

Terborus My Rare Silver Dragon Collection

If only you could tame one of these as a hunter

Navimie and I even shared a collection at one time, but over the years and several computers later, I’ve had to rebuild my collection. That’s why you’ll find a pretty varied collection in the quality of shots and dimensions over the years.

Some rares have even changed in Cata. One that comes to mind is Snarlflare, a whelp I found in Redridge Mountains years ago. However, after patch 4.0.6, he’s all grown up and a full-sized black drake found on the other side of Lake Everstill.

I have a good number of them already but with new ones being added all the time, I’m not sure how many I would have in total. Most are from a Horde perspective; however, some are from an Alliance POV, when I’ve been on one of my alts.


Something about this creature seems familiar

ghostcrawler My Rare Silver Dragon Collection

Now you see him, now you dont…

390 rares and counting…