An interesting thing happened to me this morning… I was woken up by a friend asking me why I was a male Blood Elf? My first response was “What!?” but after thinking about it and my two earlier posts, you’d know I was playing around with various effects for my trinket posts. One of the last things I tried was Leyara’s Locket and the Simian Sphere in tandem. At least I still had the effect from the locket when I logged out. I was actually trying to do the Orb or Deception with the Simian Sphere and forgot to click the Orb as I was testing which costumes worked and which ones didn’t. I did try a deviate as the first effect so I never realised I went from being a ninja > iron dwarf > male flaming NE (ok, it only just dawned on me, I’m not normally a male NE when I pop the trinket…)

Hey, it was late when I did it!

So when Navimie asked Coolidge why I was a male BE, I heard his response was an angry, sad face. Awww. He should know I wouldn’t make a male toon. I learnt my lesson from the first and only male I made in WoW.

This is what you would have seen:

male be Serendipity

Cymre’s a male?

I admit I got a real kick out of seeing myself like this. I mean, don’t you think he looks rather fetching in a Mooncloth robe and accessories? Maybe it’s the Elvis Presley snarl that makes him look even more menacing. Then again, I wouldn’t dress a male character like that.

PS. I’ve always loved this hairstyle for male BE’s. So I guess in a way it was kismet…