The Super Simian Sphere is a world epic drop in Northrend dropping from normal mobs 79+. I managed to get mine doing dailies in Icecrown during the last x-pac and was an unexpected and nice surprise.

simien sphere Super Simian Sphere

Aegis Ape

Things to note

  • Like similar items, you will lose the buff if you remove the trinket;
  • You will be unable to mount with the buff – “Can’t mount while shapeshifted”;
  • Not all costumes/trinkets work with this – “More powerful spell is already active”;
  • You can cast spells and fight as an Ape;
  • In a party, not everyone will be able to roll need, apparently, clothies have no use for it =/.

Things to try

  • Shift forms as a druid and become a flying Ape
  • Underbelly Elixir + The Super Simian Sphere = Flying ape in a bubble
  • Using mirror images will produce a posse of Apes
  • Use some Baby Spice on yourself to become a mini Simian in a Sphere.
sphere leyara Super Simian Sphere

Leyara’s Locket + Pendant of the Scarab Storm

sphere mirror Super Simian Sphere

Highbourne Soul Mirror

sphere ironboot Super Simian Sphere

Iron Boot Flask

simian sphere orb Super Simian Sphere

Female toon + Orb of Deception = male of your opposite faction + your bubble gets bigger. I’ve heard it does not work for males =/