There are certain limitations within any game so creating some costumes for these well known fairy tale characters can be tricky. This is the best representation I have found for each character, so far.

little mermaid Once Upon A Time
Little Mermaid
Ariel has always been one of my favourites. I love underwater themes and mermaids.

belle Once Upon A Time
Beauty and the Beast
Before she meets her enchanted Prince

cinderella Once Upon A Time
Just who will slip on her missing glass slipper.

mulan Once Upon A Time
at home with Mushu

pocahontas Once Upon A Time
ponders what kind of change is coming after her vision of a spinning arrow.

red rh1 Once Upon A Time
Red Riding Hood
Find out more about this costume from Through Your Interface – 15

sleeping beauty Once Upon A Time
Sleeping Beauty
Her Prince has yet to awaken her with true love’s kiss.

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