Magic Eaters are fished up from Dalaran’s Underbelly. Eating one will give a random buff: Either “Wild Magic” or “Well Fed”:

Wild Magic turns you into a basilisk, roach, whelp, or wisp and prevents you from casting or attacking for 45secs. You may even get a 100% speed increase.

basalisk Magic Eater

Eating as a basilisk, the food is at the end of your claw (may be hard to see without zooming in)

whelp Magic Eater

As a whelp, the food is on one of your wings and you stop flapping in midair as you eat.

wisp1 Magic Eater

If you eat as a wisp, you get a chunk of food floating around your body.

cockroach Magic Eater

When you eat as a roach, the food is at the end of one of your antenna

Same thing happens while drinking, except that you will see a small mug instead of food. However, eating and drinking will show both animations.

Possible Buff
Buff Duration: 1 Hour

  • +30 Stamina +60 Attack Power
  • +30 Stamina +30 Critical Rating
  • +30 Stamina +30 Haste Rating
  • +30 Stamina +12 MP5
  • +30 Stamina +35 Spell Power

Things to try

  • For hunters, if you feign death in whatever form you’re in, it will appear as if you died.