If you venture above Ironforge to the hills in the west, you’ll find a curious group of Dwarfs sledding and drinking. I found this spot around Christmas last year after killing Gibblewilt for his Foreman’s Vest (but that’s another story). According to WoWWiki, this area was added in Patch 4.1, so if you haven’t seen them before now, that’s probably why.

From what I can tell, there are only two sledders – a male and a female. You’ll even see Ollie the dog sitting on a sled but it appears he’s just for show as he just gets dragged along by one of the NPCs, first to the top of the mountain and then back down towards the cave around the corner.

Ollie originated as a skateboarding term but has since been extended to a skiing / snowboarding manoeuvre.  Interesting enough, these Dwarves are friendly to Horde so don’t be shy about taking a closer look. I only wish I could join them in a sled ride.

With all that beer and a warm cosy fire, it’s looks like they have all the provisions for a lazy day of drinking and sledding.