Meet Mount #133 – Volcanic Stone Drake

Today I managed to get the Glory of the Cataclysm Hero done. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now. As a group of friends we managed to get the majority of these done over the course of levelling and building up points for the week. At the time, we had some trouble with a few and vowed to come back when we were better geared, after giving it a shot once or twice.

Volcanic Stone Drake - closeup

A couple we even had to two-heal at the time:

Arrested Development – Allow all three of Corla’s zealots to evolve, then defeat Corla after slaying the evolved zealots in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic Difficulty.
Definitely easier with two healers as fresh 85’s thanks to Bel.

and the not so successful Headed South (see below) which we decided to try again once we were better geared.

Over time, the list was whittled down to six or so. As a healer I found…

No Static at All – Completely avoid the Static Cling effect during the Asaad encounter in the Vortex Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty.

…a real pain in the butt to do as a healer. Now I realise you can levitate to negate the effect or keep jumping to avoid Static Cling but until then it wasn’t meant to be. One by one, the people in my groups would get the achievment and each time I became more determined to get it myself. So the next time we went in, a partial pug no-less, I just focused on myself and finally managed to get it. Granted half the party almost died ;P, in fact we might have lost one person, but I remember apologising to the group straight after for the lack of heals. I explained that I just “really wanted to get that achievement“.

The last five achievements I needed were:

Umbrage for Umbriss – Defeat General Umbriss while he is affected with Modgud’s Malice in Grim Batol on Heroic Difficulty.
For some reason I had a tough time getting this one. It took three tries before I managed to get it, eventually trying with just three of us in the group. Thanks Cool and Az.

Last year during New Year’s Eve, a group of us managed to get the next two achievements done for Cool and I. Thanks to Navi and Faith for helping out with those.

Acrocalypse Now – Defeat 20 Frenzied Crocolisks within 10 seconds during the Lockmaw encounter in the Lost City of the Tol’vir on Heroic Difficulty.
We achieved this one pretty easily in the end just running the crocs in a circle with two of us (as DPS) mounted. This made it easy to round up 20 and then annihilate them within the time needed.

Headed South – Defeat Siamat, Lord of the South Wind, with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge in Lost City of the Tol’vir on Heroic Difficulty.
Navi and I two-healed this one, getting the achievement pretty easily this late in the game.

So with two left on the list, we decided to finally do something about them. I have had these last two achievements sitting in my Objectives list for the longest time now, so today we finally got our asses in gear and were determined to get rid of them – recruiting Roshii, Az and Lug for the job.

I Hate That Song – Defeat Temple Guardian Anhuur without allowing him to sing Reverberating Hymn for more than 15 seconds in Halls of Origination on Heroic Difficulty.
Not a hard job for a rogue who can high kick and two each side tackling the levers.

Ascendant Descending – Defeat Ascendant Lord Obsidius without any party member reaching 4 stacks of Crepuscular Veil in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic Difficulty.
We had a slight hiccup on the first attempt and decided to try resetting once Az had four stacks of the defuff. We found it can be done but you have to run the adds all the way to the beginning of Steelbender’s room. The next attempt worked like a charm with Leap of Faith coming in handy during the encounter.

We knew we were successful when we saw the words we were waiting to see. Glory of the Cataclysm Hero was ours and I was pleased to see I had a little something in the mail. Thrall was nice enough to write me a letter saying:


I have received word of your great deeds from my allies in the Earthen Ring. Many have taken up arms of defence of our troubled world, but your achievements are of particular note.

Please accept this gift of recognition of your skill and bravery. With heroes like you and your comrades assisting our cause, we may yet prevail.


Volcanic Stone Drake

Volcanic Stone Drake - in flight

I must say he looked pretty damn fine taking a scenic tour through Deepholm earlier.