Arathi Highlands is located in southeastern Lordaeron. Players can access the Arathi Basin vendors via Refuge Pointe and Hammerfall. Visitors can enjoy the ancient kingdom of Stromgarde and the architectural Dwarven wonder, Thandol Span which allows easy access for Horde players on foot between Arathi and the Wetlands.

darbel montrose 26 Arathi Highlands Rares

Sitting on the fountain outside Stromgarde Keep

kovork 26 Arathi Highlands Rares

Found him in the back of the cave of Boulder’gor

molok the crusher 26 Arathi Highlands Rares

Sits outside Bolderfist Hall Cave, chillin’ by the fire

nimar the slayer 26 Arathi Highlands Rares

Spotted him towards the back of Witherbark Village

foulbelly 27 Arathi Highlands Rares

Head towards the back of Stromguard Keep

singer 27 Arathi Highlands Rares

Found inside one of the shacks of Northfold Manor

zalas witherbark 27 Arathi Highlands Rares

Just inside the cave to the left of Witherbark Village, he can sheep and has frost nova abilities.

prince nazjak Arathi Highlands Rares

This one seems to have a really long spawn. Found this Naga Prince finally after 3 days.

ruul onestone 29 Arathi Highlands Rares

Found in the Western part of the zone amongst the Fire elementals

geomancer flint 29 Arathi Highlands Rares

At the back of the kobold cave in the hills behind Hammerfall.

Go'shek Farm stable

in the stable of Go’shek Farm