Elwynn Forest is a lush area with lots of logging communities and farmsteads, as well as the City of Stormwind. It’s also the starting zone for Humans and the location of one of Alliance’s major cities. On certain RP servers, you may even find another certain kind of community if you venture into Goldshire Inn… can you say swingers?


fedfennel 9 Elwynn Forest Rares

Gnoll commander of the Riverpaw Gnolls, who trains his large regiment along Stone Cairn Lake

Grizzled Ben

gruff swiftbite 9 Elwynn Forest Rares

This one took some planning with all the adds around him

gug fatcandle 4 Elwynn Forest Rares

“You take no candle!”


morgaine the sly 9 Elwynn Forest Rares

A rogue who leaves her back open but has shadowstep. Go figure?

mother fang 9 Elwynn Forest Rares

A MOTHER of a Spider in the back of this cave

narg the taskmaster 6 Elwynn Forest Rares

He used to be located inside the mine sometimes with a chest behind him

Snoot the Rooter

thuros lightfingers 9 Elwynn Forest Rares

Stormwind City

Sewer Beast Elwynn Forest Rares