If you’ve done the quests in Thousand Needles since the Shattering, you’d probably have completed one of the starting quests, Two If By Boat taking you by canoe from the northern tip of Thousand Needles down to the Shimmering Flats area. Now, this is a very fast canoe ride; it took about a minute to reach the other end of the Needles.

canoe thousand needles

A motorised canoe ride

When you reach Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge, you’ll get a quest from Razzeric to build your own riverboat, called Down in the Deeps.

Speedbarge Diving Helmet

Razzeric supplies you with a spare diving helm…

Before long, you’ll be travelling in style in your own riverboat. Unfortunately, it’s only usable in Thousand Needles and only built for one person. With all the novelty items in my bags/bank, it would be nice if this could be summoned via spell, like the seahorse but alas, it takes up another spot in my bank.

barge thousand needles

Captain of your very own river boat

Under the barge, you may even find the hidden room filled with takeaway containers, a calendar and floatie.

calendar 1 River Boat

Sports Illustrated – WoW Edition

takeaway River Boat

So next time you’re in the area, see if you can find this hidden room.