If you’ve visited Land’s End Beach in Tanaris lately, you might have seen this rare standing on the nose of a crashed plane. I’d have to say he’s the most amusing rare in the entire zone, especially since he wasn’t around prior to Cataclysm. You may remember the area when completing the quest Cuergo’s Gold, after piecing the three map fragments to create [Cuergo’s Treasure Map]

This map shows a stretch of beach with a southern face. Below the map are words, elegantly written…

South of Wheedle
South of home
Find a mast and flag and bones
Dig you there, if you be bold
Dig and claim Cuergo’s gold!
A key you’ll need and a key you’ll see
The men you face take blood as fee.

It appears that Fronkle has gone mad since crashing on this otherwise abandoned coastline; unless you count the numerous turtles and crabs in the area. From time to time, he’ll repeat a handful of lines and blink around if he senses someone close by. In fact, he broke my stealth as I got quite close trying to take some screenshots of him. At first I thought I must have miss-clicked the stealth button when I observed it was actually on CD. I thought it was a bit weird but just re-stealthed and took my screenshots when he blinked over to Coolidge in stealth and broke his shapeshift too.

fronkle the disturbed dive Fronkle the Disturbed

fronkle the disturbed veer Fronkle the Disturbed

fronkle the disturbed turtle Fronkle the Disturbed

fronkle the disturbed name Fronkle the Disturbed

I managed to catch most of his dialogue, but here’s the full list.

Fronkle the Disturbed says: Dive! Dive! Dive! (/point)
Fronkle the Disturbed says: Veer left! (/cheer)
Fronkle the Disturbed says: Look out for that turtle! (/yell)
Fronkle the Disturbed says: My name ISN’T FRONKLE! (/cry)
Fronkle the Disturbed says: I’ll have the Kickin’ Chimeroak Chops, extra kick! (/say)

He displays typical Mage abilities like Arcane Blast, Arcane Explosion, Arcane Missiles, Blink and Slow.