Ugh! Phasing quests! Here’s another one that’s just as annoying as the Wisdom of Ages. A short but fun series of phased quests leads you to this one as you follow the objectives set out by Kiryn, an undead NPC and Riko, one of the monkey people.

scouting report barrel Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel

This particular quest involved you taking control of a sniper rifle and shooting all the Jinyu enemies you see by right clicking on the targets, allowing Kiryn to sneak in and set down barrels at three points which you blow up. I found you had to be fast with the rifle to get the screen to advance otherwise the scene stalled leaving you no option but to use the only action button in the vehicle (allowing you to reset this bit). The advantage here is that you don’t completely come out of phase meaning you can just re-click the rifle and try again.

I had to do this about 10 times as the quest kept bugging out for me. It’s the same deal as the other phased meditation quest, as someone else can phase into their version and bug yours out. Now I know why there was a number of people hovering around those NPCs back at the camp. However, with perseverance I managed to get it done eventually.

Shooting the Jinyu was actually a fun shoot ’em up game, something you might find at Timezone or something. As long as your screen keeps advancing with the visual cues while you kill all the enemies, you should be fine. Be aware that there are a few that hide behind the trees but turning on enemy bars for this is a good idea (I’m sure you have these on already) :P

Just remember to kill all the Jinyu as soon as you see them, including the ones behind the trees. Shoot the barrels when Kiryn sets them down at three set points. Unfortunately, I had trouble targeting the third barrel as it appeared halfway behind my portrait so I couldn’t get the targeting icon to come up. On my successful attempt, it seems I only needed to shoot two of the barrels to advance to the next phase. This involved a faster number of the incoming enemies but is easily doable by spamming the right click button.

The dialogue from this series of quests was pretty amusing at times. Here’s a short excerpt from the scenario.

scouting report target Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel

The Coast was clear. Kiryn began to make her escape. Damn, another Jinyu net! We were so close, too… I sensed a commotion in the village’s eastern village.


riko Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel

Shademaster Kiryn says: Riko…