Tanaris is a desert in southern Kalimdor where you’ll find both Gadgetzan, a major city of the Steamwheedle cartel, and the Caverns of Time. If you’re into fun items, one of the NPC’s in Gadgetzan sells Noggenfogger Elixir, an unpredictable disguise elixir. It also involves the pre-quest which leads you into Uldum. With a whopping 18 rares in the area, let’s get started, shall we?

ainamiss the hive queen 48 Tanaris Raresandre firebeard 47 Tanaris RaresAquementas the Unchained Tanaris Rarescaliph scorpidsting 48 Tanaris Rares
emberwing 45 Tanaris Rares
fronkle the disturbed 49 Tanaris Rares

I recently wrote about my short engagement with Fronkle. Read more…

Haarka the Ravenous
harakiss the infestor 47 Tanaris Rares
hellgazer 46 Tanaris Rares
jinzallah the sandbringer 45 Tanaris Rares
kregg keelhaul 46 Tanaris Raresocculus the corrupted 50 Tanaris Raresomgorn the lost 50 Tanaris Rares
scorpitar Tanaris Raresslaverjaw 49 Tanaris Raressoriid the devourer 48 Tanaris Rares
narain Tanaris Rares
warleader krazzilak 46 Tanaris Rares

Removed from the game

Murderous Blisterpaw Tanaris Rares


Dustwraith Tanaris Rares
Sandarr Dunereaver Tanaris Rares
Zerillis Tanaris Rares