The Blasted Lands is a wasted desert connecting Eastern Kingdoms to Outland via the Dark Portal and filled with demons and ogres. The Gilnean village of Surwich, a sinister forest revitalized by druid Marl Wormthorn was added in Cataclysm. A popular zone for collecting Imperfect Draenethyst Fragments and Flawless Draenethyst Spheres. Both of which can be turned into Kum’Isha The Collector, a level 60 in the middle of Blasted Lands rewarding you with some random BOE greens and blues.

Akubar the Seer n Blasted Lands RaresBlackleaf Blasted Lands RaresCassia the Slitherqueen Blasted Lands RaresClack the Reaver


DreadscornGrunter Blasted Lands RaresMagronos the Unyielding Blasted Lands RaresMojo the Twisted Blasted Lands Rares
Mordak nightbender Blasted Lands RaresNarixxus the Doombringer Blasted Lands RaresRavage Blasted Lands Rares
Spriteflayer Blasted Lands Rares
Teremus the Devourer Blasted Lands Rares