Feralas is a rainforest surrounded by arid zones in southern Kalimdor. It’s known for many things, including the mystery surrounding Dire Maul – a former city of the Highborne that drew upon demonic energy to stay immortal. There’s also a strong Night Elf presence – both in Feathermoon Stronghold, the base of operations for the Sentinels, and in numerous ruins scattered around the zones.

One point of interest is the Twin Colossals – two large mountains where players can be teleported up to one of the plateaus. Once up there you can purchase a parachute (of short duration) for the descent, so don’t use it too soon :P Before you were able to fly in the zone, this proved quite detrimental to peoples health. Reminds me of a certain warrior back then who had died up in the cliffs somewhere and then asked me to rez his body… wherever it was. :P

Feralas is also the location of one of the four Great Trees leading to the Emerald Dream and previously guarded by the four Emerald Dragons. The three others could be found in Ashenvale, Duskwood, and the Hinterlands.

Antilus the Soarer 48 Feralas RaresArash ethis 49 Feralas RaresBloadroar the Stalker 37 Feralas RaresDiamond Head 36 Feralas RaresGnarl Leafbrother 38 Feralas RaresLady Szallah 46 Feralas RaresMordei the Earthrender 35 Feralas RaresMushgog
Old Grizzlegut Feralas Rares
Prince Lakma 87 Feralas Rares

Last but not least is Prince Lakma. Notice that’s he’s level 87 with over 4M health so don’t go in thinking he’s an easy kill. He has 20 stacks of Lightning Shield too.

Those who completed the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line will remember the 62 elite, Lord Lakmaeran located on the Isle of Dread in Feralas. Back then you needed a group to kill him.
Qirot 47 Feralas RaresSkarr the Broken
Snarler 42 Feralas Rares
The Razza

Removed from the game

Lord Hel'nurath

This rare used to spawn in Immol’thar’s room during the epic warlock mount quest line