Blackrock Mountain is a zone between the Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge which links the two regions. This zone at one time was hotly contested between the forces of Ragnaros and his Dark Iron servants on one side and the black dragon Nefarian and his orc minions on the other. Thought to be one of the most important areas in the World of Warcraft lore.

Compared to vanilla, there aren’t as many rares in the zone since Patch 1.6 removed a lot of the rarity from many of these.

The Behemoth Blackrock Mountain Rares

Found outside Blackrock Depths



Exotic BM tame

Blackrock Depths

Panzor the Invincible Blackrock Mountain Rares

No longer classified as rares

Scarshield Quartermaster
Lord Roccor
Pyromancer Loregrain
Warden Stillgiss

Lower Blackrock Spire

Bannok Blackrock Mountain Rares
Burning Felguard Blackrock Mountain Rares
Crystal Fang Blackrock Mountain Rares
Ghok Bashguud Blackrock Mountain RaresQuartermaster Zigris
Spirestone Battle Lord
Spirestone Butcher
Spirestone Lord Magus Blackrock Mountain Rares

Upper Blackrock Spire

The Lanticore

No longer rares

Goraluk Anvilcrack Blackrock Mountain RaresJed Runewatcher Blackrock Mountain Rares