Last night I heard from Navimie that Rojak was hosting a transmog contest in the spirit of The WoW Factor show. An event normally judged by Keelhaul and Ironyca / Noelani – the creaters of WoW Roleplay Gear who judge cleverly assembled sets who can stand out in a crowd. Judging from the turnout we had, that’s exactly what you had to do.

What better way to end my birthday in-game than having a transmog fashion show? For those who have been following my blog for a while would know about my keen interest in these things. Players present were able to watch the live stream while listening to the live commentary by the judges of WoW Factor – note 57:17 for their commentary on my outfit.

Normally a three hour show, the guest judges were on a tight schedule – the whole thing was scheduled for one hour (9-10pm server) but like a lot of things, it ran over time. Keelhaul wasn’t there unfortunately, but there were two other guest judges, making four in total. There were lots of winners on multiple levels. But before the guest judges even started their commentary, Vishii from Rojak had given me 500G!

Once the judging was finally under way, there were quite a few from Frostwolves who took away quite a lot of the winnings. Eventually one of the judges mentioned my name, focusing on my outfit for a few minutes. The initial query I received from one judge was that my outfit was not mogged =/

Noelani asked if I had a transmogged outfit that I normally used but wondered if this non-mogged set was just for the competition. Ironyca suspected it might be and was right :) When I confirmed the latter was true, I proceeded to show them my mogged outfit as well as my backup outfit (in case I saw someone with a very similar one to mine). They seemed to get quite a kick out of seeing my three switcheroos :P explaining I did it this way so they could see the items better on preview. Truth be told they didn’t really need it as their knowledge of gear was quite impressive on sight. When I told them this they were happy to continue with the critique and I managed to walk away with a 5K prize :D

I don’t normally post the outfit I’m still wearing, in fact this is a shadow set I’ve been using for a while, even though I unmogged my set for a few weeks due to personal reasons. Although I admit that after I was given my prize, I immediately went to transmog this as my shadow set again :P

Here’s the outfit I used. As you can see I was going for a frosty Grim Reaper look.

ebonweave front WoW Factor comes to Dath'remarebonweave side WoW Factor comes to Dath'remar

Head: Cowl of Benevolence
Amice of Brilliant Light
Chest: Ebonweave Robe
Waist: Cincture of Will
Hands: Ebonweave Gloves
Feet: Barbaric Cloth Boots
Weapon: Frostscythe of Lord Ahune
Wand: Wand of Prismatic Focus

The big winner of the night was Navimie who won 15K from the guest judges. Her big windfall came when the hosts from Rojak announced that Navimie was the top dog cow for the night, a massive 100K win.

WF navimie WoW Factor comes to Dath'remar

Winning pic with Navimie

Grats to all the winners!

Now for some highlights from the show:

WF circle WoW Factor comes to Dath'remar

Still quite a civilised circle at this stage

WF me winning WoW Factor comes to Dath'remar

Winning Yell by Elvine

WF trade WoW Factor comes to Dath'remar

Winning trade

WF winner WoW Factor comes to Dath'remar

Leleli – One of the 5K winners

WF winners WoW Factor comes to Dath'remar

Winners stage on Garrosh’s throne

WF glowbie WoW Factor comes to Dath'remar

Photo op with Glowbie

Thanks again to Squalli and Vishii for hosting such a successful event and the guest judges who took time out (and sleep) to come.