On the southern part of Darkmoon Island, you’ll find an underwater cavern, located just beneath a shipwreck that acts as a visual landmark to the cavern entrance. I first found out about it on Pando’s site.

She had mentioned the cave on the island when I wrote about the Darkmoon Rabbit so I was excited to have the opportunity to go on another exploration mission; especially since the Faire’s still up for another few days.

To get there, go through the Darkmoon portal and take a sharp left once you’re on the other side.

Darkmoon Cavern path portal

After a few seconds, you should see a path leading down to the water.

Darkmoon Cavern path down

The cavern entrance is at 74.34.

This is where Poseidus and my underwater ring came in handy.

Darkmoon Cavern entrance

As you head inside, you’ll hit fatigue but don’t worry as it dissipates the further you move inside the cavern.

Just look at what you’ll find inside…

Darkmoon Cavern insideDarkmoon-Cavern-closerlook

Thought I’d do a spot of fishing since I’d read people have been pretty lucky fishing up the Sea Pony here. Unfortunately, I found nothing out of the ordinary.

Darkmoon-Cavern-fishing Darkmoon-Cavern-inside1

After that, I had a look around to see if there was anything I could interact with but there was nothing to be found. It’s still a visually stunning place though.

Darkmoon Cavern path bottom

On your way back out, head towards 61, 22 to find the same path leading back up to the Faire.

It makes me wonder, what’s in store for this spot as there’s lots of room to add some cool things to the Faire and surrounding areas. Only time will tell…