I suppose had a good run.

This morning I received a call from Coolidge to ask if I was on my account. I wasn’t. When I logged in after changing my account password, I saw that Cymre was just standing at the mailbox in a shirt, all the gold (including the Guild bank) and some of the items had been transferred as well as all my other 85 toons – four are now on another server, two even had a faction change. Ironically, I now have 99 free spots in my bags and 11 slots are free in my personal bank. Quite a lot of stuff was withdrawn from the Guild bank but I think the most important item was the gold itself. I’m kind of thankful items like my Scepter of the Shifting Sands are worth no monetary value though =/


In seven years, this is the first time my account has been hacked. Just when things were going a little bit better in terms of gameplay. Not a lot has been happening in-game for me lately due to the lack of people to do some of the larger stuff with but after what happened earlier in the year, my love of the game has somewhat dwindled. I still quite enjoy what the game has to offer but un/fortunately, a lot can be done through solo play – which is where I’m still at right now. I still miss some of the things I was able to do just with even three or four people.

I’m still not at the point where I want a Guild with people per se but unfortunately for me, this meant that in the process of all this, some have snubbed me which makes the game more lonely. If they feel hurt, imagine how I feel for a second… even at the Dath’remar Fashion Show, which should have been an outstanding moment in my gaming history, turned out to be a pretty depressing one for me as it turned out a number of people who I knew, didn’t even acknowledge my existence, even after offering my congratulations in a whisper to them. I understand the excitement with being on vent, etc. will do that but in a way it was a disappointing end to my birthday.

As I wrote earlier in the year, I was devastated over the loss of our raiding team. It was a constant battle to keep raids running for seven months while actively trying to keep the guild afloat. In the end, we regrettably called it a day as quite a few only saw it as an alt guild and would only log in for raids. It also didn’t help when one player showed no improvement after multiple attempts (from several people) at improving their gameplay.

So Cool and I needed to be anonymous for a while and drop off the grid. This meant removing everyone from our friends/RealID lists. Not knowing whether it would be a name change, Guild change or server change. In a way, it was to try and digest the last seven months that were a constant struggle to find people, get raids going, trying to placate the other members and keep progression at a steady rate. Coolidge in particular felt that this server had screwed us over too many times to make any type of effort after that.

On a side note, I make an effort to comment on a lot of blogs, etc. but it doesn’t really seem to translate to what I get in return. I do have my constant few who come back for what I have to say and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Navi, Coolidge and Tome.

In-game, only one made an effort to keep any semblance of a friendship going but after what’s happened today, I’m wondering if it’s all worth it. I’ve always been very careful with my account, etc. but nothing is really any guarantee.

Plus, it seems like I’ve written about the same things over and over lately. As I read on someone’s blog, you can only read so much about ‘x’. So perhaps that’s my cue to take a break from this too but in truth, blogging has given me so much enjoyment over the past six months. I was really starting to get excited about some of the superhero posts I’d done and was working on a new one just last night but until then, I guess I’ll read you when I read you…

Edit: Don’t miss my follow up Thank you post, in which I respond to all the comments below.