There are a few items I’ve tried to get while solo-farming. My latest ‘must have’ mog items include the Starfire Tiara on Cym which has been very difficult to acquire so far – assuming the NPC I need is even in the instance. I’ve also been farming the Bloodmail Legguards (thx to Kam’s post reminders) and the Chain of the Scarlet Crusade set on Tallys.

After several weeks, I’ve had no luck on the tiara but after two afternoons of farming Scholo and Scarlet Monastery, I’ve managed to get most of the pieces from both sets. It’s funny though, I could have sworn I had the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade on my hunter. I wonder if it disappeared after the hack or maybe I didn’t have it on that toon after all.

SM - cathedral courtyard

SM cath An Afternoon of Farming

Herod An Afternoon of Farming

I wasn’t expecting this achievement as I’ve done this instance countless times since inception but I guess I haven’t completed the dungeon since the Achievement system came in. It was quite funny to see the pop-up on my screen but then Cym will always be my achievement queen :)

Scarlet set - partial

I never realised the Houndmaster dropped an improved version of his whistle. But after reading about Navi and Tome talking about this a while ago, it was a nice item to add to my bag of tricks. I should go back and get one for Cym too, she could use a guard dog when Cool’s not around :P

As you can see, I’m still missing a few pieces but these are some of the random items I picked up while farming. The good news is, this set is BoE so maybe I’ll get lucky with the remaining pieces (assuming they won’t cost me a leg or other appendage). Oh ok, you can have my appendix… or tonsils.

Scholo An Afternoon of Farming

In Scholo, I was getting a lot of the other set pieces, particularly cloth but I’m not that fussed about the cloth set anyway. My Bloodmail set dropped fairly sporadically except for the pants sadly so I was relieved when they finally dropped yesterday.

Not bad for some pretty quick farming :P