This week’s Shared Topic comes to us from Frika who asks:

What is the nicest thing another player has ever done for you in-game?

Without a doubt, the first thing that comes to mind is around the time I had just met Coolidge in-game. Back then, he was playing his druid, Hugadarn who had a wolf mount. I didn’t even know this was possible at the time. I wrote about this experience during the last Thanksgiving event. I would come home from work each day and have stacks of runecloth sitting in my mail ready for trade-ins.

It was such a nice gesture from someone I was just getting to know as I really don’t know how much longer it would have taken me without his help. I ended up buying the really cheap stacks in the AH as there was only so much farming I could do every night but I was so ecstatic when I finally managed to buy my Timber Wolf that I insisted that Hugadarn and I go on a road trip – back to where it all started – Tyr’s Hand.

Wolf mounts

In truth, Coolidge has helped me with a lot of things over the years. He even gave me the hilt from the ICC dungeons so I could get my mace at the time. Unfortunately, even the nicest gestures don’t always go according to plan…

Back in Nagrand, I was trying to surprise Coolidge’s druid with the clefthoof set and if you remember skinning those beasts back then, it wasn’t the easiest thing to farm. Night after night I would come home from work, eat dinner and log in to farm my Thick Clefthoof Leather for weeks, just to try and get enough for what I needed for two pieces. The AH was not an option since the prices were obscene and especially not for the amount I had to buy.

Often Cool would log in and ask why I was killing clefthoofs for so long and I just answered that I needed the leather. He would respond “you could kill other stuff for the leather” but I just stated that I needed the clefthoof leather for ‘something’. It also didn’t help that when he came to help me I would miraculously get a much higher percentage of thick clefthoof.

As with other bloggers, there have been many nice gestures towards me in-game. A lot of these are from those who no longer play.

Many people know that I love the in-game pets and I’ve worked very hard at my collection, including the ones I can thank Cool for. Navi even surprised me with a pet once. Jko was an old guildie who had the best luck in farming pets. A few years ago, I was farming the Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) from the Bloodsail pirates when he told me that he managed to get one for another friend of his within 15mins of farming, so he offered to farm one for me too. Literally, within a couple of minutes, he whispered me that he had one. Of course, my response was ‘!!!” or something along those lines.

However, sometimes one of the nicest things can be a comment in chat, mumble or even a video message. I will always remember one particular comment to an old raid video back in Kara. Cybel was our designated raider who recorded all our raid hijinks back then. I was particularly proud of our first kill for Netherspite as it was a strategy I had suggested but not only did we get that first kill, it was how it played out during the video.

The fight had not been going for that long when the other healer (a holy priest) had died so I was left solo healing as Disc. Past the halfway mark, I was spitting mana so asked our shaman to try and spot heal. To be honest I don’t remember him doing much at the time but I was desperate to get the kill, which we did!

My big “Aww” moment came during the playback when the other priest had just died. Suddenly I read:

One healer down. One healer left. Don’t worry, it’s Cymre.

Unfortunately, the video no longer exists but lines like that can really make your day. Although thinking about it now, it’s been more like four years and I think it’s something I’ll always remember. Just like all the other gestures in-game and on this blog that has meant the world to me.

So in a word – Thanks! :)