Today I was so excited to see Xariona had spawned in Deepholm as it’s the first time I’ve seen her in person. That knocks one of the top things off my bucket list :)

She’s one of the five rare elites of Cataclysm which doesn’t require that many to kill. In fact, at end-game, this twilight dragon is soloable.


Xariona has five abilities:

Xariona - Twilight Fissure

Xariona - Twilight Breath

Xariona - Twilight Fissure

Twilight Fissure

Xariona - Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone

Xariona - Unleased Magic

As long as you know what the abilities are, the fight can be a non-issue. With two people, Cool pretty much stood in each Twilight Zone to avoid taking extra damage. I asked him to rotate her as she was about to place another zone down so I could stand in the old one meaning two were up at all times. Shadow Fissure was easy to avoid and with Twilight Breath, I just stayed in the white zones to help negate the damage.  With this simple strategy, we killed her in 14mins.

Xariona dead

In addition to dropping her special epic, she also drops a random ilvl 359 BoE and a recipe.

Xariona’s Spectral Gauntlets
Drape of Inimitable Fate
Design: Subtle Alicite

Excuse all the crap on the screen but WOOT! That was the last of the Cata rare elites I had to kill :)