Since the Pet Battle System has just been implemented on the beta, I was looking at the pets I didn’t have. The Magic Lamp seemed the most doable (short of buying one) so I was going to see how far away I was on actually making one for myself. I logged into my Draenei to find that my enchanting was only 460 (Ouch!) so I didn’t think it was worth the trouble. I wasn’t far from asking someone in trade to make it after several select purchases though – thx Coolidge. Luckily someone was able to make it after a few minutes so I was able to sell it through the neutral AH – making that pet no. 179.

As I stated earlier, Arvash offered me three of the TCG pets. He thought it only fair as that’s how many he ended up giving Navi. At the time, I wasn’t sure if he could offer me that many as I only had 22 left before my collection was complete. But I should have known better as his collection is vast!

Once I figured out the website to use, it was just a matter of putting in the three scratch codes so I had something to hand in to Lando in Booty Bay. I made a boo-boo with one of the codes though. I don’t know if it was being starstruck by all of Arv’s toys, his generosity or the rare that popped up as I was standing there.

First of all, my bag was full when the first code was accepted and I had the dreaded ‘your bag is full’ msg. Luckily I had some mail from Landro waiting for me. Coolidge made fun of me for never having bag room but I said I picked up some stuff in the raid which was true enough. It was even funnier when Arv said he had the same problem with his walk-in closet :P

But my other boo-boo came when on the second code, I accidentally selected the wrong realm. OMG! I couldn’t believe I had done that. At first I didn’t notice because the redemption code was given to me but when I tried to hand it in to Lando it was invalid. This afternoon, I sent in another game ticket feeling hopeful. The GM stated that I would need to redeem the code on that server (even though I had no toon there) and then ask to have it sent to my desired realm and toon. I’m happy to say that I’m now the proud owner of all three TCG pets. Woot!

Sand Scarab

Sand Scarab

Nightsaber cub

Nightsaber cub

Gregarious Grell

Gregarious Grell

A grell for a wannabe lock? Arv said I should design a mog for it :P Here’s the one I did for Mog Madness. Perhaps I should do another one sometime :)

Oh and that tabard I was talking about?

Third time’s the charm right?

Turns out it was true for my tabard as well as I stated in the ticket I couldn’t quite remember which tabard I had (maybe Tabard of Flame) but I do remember the 2000pts I had to collect to redeem it. When they responded, they stated that the only TCG tabard they could find a record for was the Tabard of Frost which I still had… say what?

So I logged in to check Altoholic and sure enough, I did have it… guess where it was though…

My Void Storage… like I look in there all the time. I’m not blonde, I swear! It’s just been that kind of week… :P

Tabard of Frost

Cymre pretty much sums my expression about the whole thing…

So thanks again Arv for pets 180-182 :D