Cool and I went into Trial of the Crusader today so that he could pick up a couple of transmog items. We had a go at the first boss but it proved quite difficult with our combination. Luckily Arv logged in so I asked if he could help us out. Thankfully he was willing to come.

With one extra person, it was certainly a lot easier, which meant I could stay at ranged and Cool could help with the kobolds while Arv tanked. The bosses went down easily enough, although there was one odd glitch on Icehowl as we didn’t get punted back to the wall. It was a little unnerving on the first charge as I was already pretty close to him after being targeted, he didn’t even have to turn. Luckily it all went according to plan and we had no issues.

Here are the kill shots for the afternoon.


After that, it was disco fever as we suddenly had a disco ball, foam swords, riding tigers and a handful of other goodies. You almost didn’t know where to look as there was so much stuff to play with. A lot of my favourites made a showing, including the Ethereal, sarcophagus and bubblegum tree.

Arv kobold Toy Bag

Spurious Sarcophagus

Spurious Sarcophagus

Portal Stone

Portal Stone

Foam Sword Rack

Foam Sword Rack and Robot Chicken

Arv statue Toy Bag

For some reason, Cool said he needed one of these. :P

It was great to finally meet Arv after all this time and I’m sure we’ll be getting together again sometime but it didn’t end there. He was also generous enough to offer me THREE of the TCG pets I didn’t have. I would have been really happy with one as he mentioned helping me out with the scarab pet earlier.

So thanks again Arv. It was fun. :)