Late last night I logged back in to the beta to do a bit of pet battling as I was having some trouble beating the Grand Master of Outland. As soon as I left our City, I noticed an Alliance character hovering in the air. When I highlighted their name it was none-other than Euphyley. I waved, but she seemed to be AFK so I headed off into another zone.

Reaching the gate entrance into the Vale, I saw I had a dig there so I paused for a few minutes. In the meantime, I decided to send Euphy a quick tweet:

So I headed back for a quick photo opportunity. It was pretty exciting as it’s the first blogger I’ve found on the beta. It’s just unfortunate that we couldn’t communicate better other than emoting to one another and tweeting back and forth. The spot turned out to be a pretty blinding one so we focused on other things.

I was trying out my new Battling costume at the time (which Euphy admired) so she did the next best thing…

Euphyley dance Chance Meeting on the Beta

I took the opportunity to show her my newly acquired toy from earlier. His emotes proved quite funny.

Euphyley emotes Chance Meeting on the Beta

Euphy rockets Chance Meeting on the Beta

Before riding off into the sunset, I took special notice of Euphy’s pet. It’s one of the new unique hunter trackable pets coming in Mists. Another pink pet for her stable :P