The other day, Coolidge asked me to create a transmog set for his weapon and shield. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have that many red items, let alone nice pieces so I set out to make a variation on the red theme.

Here’s his before picture…

Cool tauren1 Fly By Mogging

Wait, how did that get there?

OK, never mind about the before shot. I always said Cool might break my back one day…

cool ready Fly By Mogging

cool stand Fly By Mogging

Shoulders: Lightbringer Pauldrons
Chest: Replica Lightforge Breastplate
Hands: Gauntlets of Feathery Blows
Waist: Lightforge Belt
Legs: Replica Lightforge Legplates
Boots: Judgement Sabatons

Weapon: Touch of Madness
Shield: Pulsing Spellshield