LOL, what an understatement! Collector, Hoarder, you be the judge :P

For the month of August, Ambermist proposed the following challenge:

I want to know what you collect in the game

However and why-ever you loot, keep, store, organize, whatever you hold onto, or even if you refuse to hold onto anything–tell me about it!

OK, I use auto-loot. There, I said it!

Coolidge scolds me for this fact but I find it easier to loot everything in case there’s an extra nice shiny, recipe, transmog item, pet, etc. on one of the corpses but I can’t wait for mass loot to come into play on Aug 28. On the other hand, I haven’t been using that setting on the beta, so I’m used to scrolling through the loot window.

It’s no secret that I collect a lot of things from transmog pieces, tier sets, novelty items, pets and mounts (luckily the last 2 no longer take up inventory space). In fact, I’ve been known to hold onto quite a few things for their nostalgia value – like the Brazier of Invocation, Banner of Provocation, my Seal of Ascension ring, the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer and Spectral Essence.

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of bag addons like ArkInventory and Bagnon but for the past six months or so I’ve been using AdiBags since it automates a lot of the filters. You can even split the main categories into sub-categories like consumables, gems, recipes and trade goods. I especially like the fact that it will save your sets to their own sub-categories.

bags I'm a Collector!

Backpacks – All illusionary bags

As you can see, a lot of the items I carry around with me are mostly transmog pieces, since my Void Storage and Bank are already full.

bank I'm a Collector!


My bank holds an assortment of bag sizes, including an enchanting bag. Hmm, I should probably change that to a normal bag. The majority are not surprisingly transmog items with a splash of novelty items and various transformation toys. All the tabards are ones you can’t easily buy or collectables.

Void I'm a Collector!

My Void Storage is pretty organised, except for the loose pieces which only have 3 items in the sets. Hopefully, that will change someday. I was sad to notice there was no extra space in Mists – even an extra column would have been something.

Now I admit my transmog pieces have spilt over into parts of the Guild bank. This is sure to change before Mists though. But with other items like the basic ore and gems, I always think I’ll need them for something later. You just never know when you’ll need to make that particular piece or level up a new profession, right?

GB tabs I'm a Collector!

The hardest thing will be to clear up a lot of bag room before September 25. It’s kind of an exciting prospect thinking about all that free space but it’s asking the question what do I get rid of? that will take the most time.

At least I have these pics to remember what was…

…but until then, the countdown continues.