Tonight my scarlet set farming continued. Last time, I managed to get the pants, gloves, bracers, shoulders, helm (and dog whistle – which was a nice touch). Today I set out to get the chest, tabard and boots. As you can see, I managed to get the tabard, Ravager, as well as the belt. Hopefully, I can get the last two pieces sooner rather than… never.

Scarlet set

I’m not entirely happy with the boots but I’ll be keeping an eye on the AH for any remaining pieces.

Wish me luck…

Speaking of my Hunter, she’s currently a Blood Elf on the beta and has two new pets to show for it – she’s still 85 :P

Orange cat
Black cat

Aren’t they sexy looking beasts?

I was hoping to get the white one too but they come at a higher level so that will have to wait.