A while ago, I managed to farm the Dog whistle on my hunter since she’s been trying to farm the complete Scarlet set. Over the last day or so, I’ve been going in on Cymre in an attempt to get the last two pieces being BoE.

After reading Arvash’s post about Ransacking the Monastery, I was reminded to farm the whistle again for my priest. I must have been lucky on Tallys as he dropped it on my first try. Tonight it only took two attempts :)

Tracking Hound

So I headed back into the Cathedral section to see if I could get the Scarlet chest and boots. No luck on that count but on my last attempt I did manage to score the Aurora Robe as well as Whitemane’s Hand of Righteousness.

scarlet mace Scarlet Gets Some Discipline

Last week I managed to get the shoulders from Pande in Mana Tombs too :)

Although I do wish you could hide more enchants from weapons.