Yesterday I managed to get exalted with The Lorewalkers. A faction which doesn’t require a lot of grinding, hand-ins or dailies. In fact, it’s possible to get exalted within a couple of hours if you know where to look. You’ll find statues, relics and scrolls all over Pandaria which are story-based. Interacting with each one will give you cumulative credit for your achievements.

Seven Burdens

The ten achievements are as follows:

Completing them all will easily get you to revered and activate a quest (which you collect from the mail). Each quest may be handed in to Loremaster Cho at the Seat of Knowledge for some added reputation, as well as a cutscene which plays out each relevant storyline – each an important part of Pandaria’s history. For this reason, you’ll need to be level 90 to gain access to the NPC via flying.




To see more of the highlights, you can view them from my facebook page.

At exalted, you’ll be able to purchase the Quartermaster’s goods which are the Disc of the Red Flying Cloud, as well as the Lorewalkers Tabard, Lorewalker’s Lodestone and the Lorewalker’s Map.

Red cloud-Dawn

Not bad for a few hours work :P

This is the best achievement run I’ve had for five months. I just need to do this on live. I can’t wait! :D