Along the same lines as Where not to go if you’re Horde, here’s a boo-boo moment from Scarlet Halls, one of the new dungeons on live. On Heroic, you need to use one of the Reinforced Archery Targets to protect yourself from the Archer’s assaults while avoiding the fire damage on the ground.

Cool and I headed in there on normal and thought I’d pick up one of the targets for fun, since I hid behind his last time. Little did we realise, I would be stuck carrying the damn thing (that slows down your movement speed by 50% BTW) for the rest of the instance… sigh.

Reinforced Target

You see, Cool had killed Commander Lindon so fast I didn’t have a chance to  reach him with the target.

Lindon-dead Target-stuck

I did try relogging and getting into combat but nothing seemed to work. Yep, I was really screwed so told him to keep going while I tried to catch up. He did wait before engaging each boss though and even though you are technically silenced (so no spell casting to try and drop the target), I was able pick up some bundles of gold when the Scarlet Treasurers died. Initially, I was excited when the target disappeared to pick up some loot but then promptly reappeared so my excitement was shortlived =/ I almost left the dungeon to get rid of the damn thing but Cool convinced me to finish it with him. I did get a couple of nice transmog items – some Scarlet Sandals and a cloth belt :)

Flameweaver Koegler-dead

By the time he had killed the last boss, I was forced to run all the way back through the instance so I could finally port out. What I didn’t realise was Cool who had run up ahead and had grabbed one of the shields too. It was such a sweet gesture and the least he could do, imo. :P

Two targets

Yes, feel my pain… if only for a short while.