It’s been a while since I tried to do a dungeon achievement but with three left for Cataclysm, this was one I was missing. When Arv asked if I wanted to do a dungeon earlier I didn’t even know achievements were on the agenda. We ended up doing Well of Eternity and End Time, although there was a bit of a hiccup at the second crystal as no one clicked the first one and poor Illidan was left twiddling his thumbs for a while. So I went back to set it off and Illidan was on his way again. I think Arv was right when he said they weren’t ready for Mists :P

When someone suggested Lazy Eye, all I could think was I wish Cool was here. It’s been one we’ve been talking about doing for a while. We didn’t get it but when the time came to do Sylvanas, another suggestion was made at the achievement. This is where I mentioned Coolidge. Two of our DPS’ers offered to drop for him but I said he wasn’t home yet. It was a sweet offer but I would have been the one to drop if anybody and try it at a later date – even though I love achievements.

Severed Ties

Now we just have to do it again for Cool! Arv and Slice both offered to help with this so that’s excellent. It was great to meet a few more of the SR crew – Fayle, Adoe and Lyss. Plus, it’s always nice to hear when someone enjoys your blog. :)

They all managed to get quite a few achievements from our three runs which included the bear from ZA. I must admit that I had a bit of mixed emotions when it came to my achievement but it was great to actually see my achievement count moving again. It’s been too long. :P

Oh and I finally managed to get the Scepter of Azshara.