Sho is one of ten NPCs which are part of The Tillers – the farming faction of Pandaria. If you choose to become her Best Friend (which is the highest level of friendship or reputaion), you will get a couple of perks.

Wait a minute. I’ve been thinking… you’ve done so much for me, it’s about time I gave you something back in return. Where I’m from, we grow beautiful orange trees. I planted one on your farm. From the way things grow around here, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had already bloomed by the time you get back to your farm.

Orange tree

Orange Tree from Sho

I also had something waiting for me in the mailbox.

A huge Red Cricket!

Orange tree and cricket

Just look at the size of him

Those patches of Dark Soil sure came in handy for this one. Another battle pet for the collection :)