The Terracotta Fragment has a chance to drop from Jonn-Dar, one of the Pandarian Champions. The item summons a warrior who will fight for you for 10 minutes. He seems to have three abilities:

Terracotta Warrior

Interestingly enough, he appears to match your level since the rare was only 86 but he was 90 when I summoned him. So I tested him out on a few mobs.

Terracotta Warrior-damage

Great for soloing

Terracotta Warrior-heal

You can even heal him

Terracotta Warrior-engage

I headed to the Heartland for more of a challenge

Terracotta Warrior-turnip

Although he didn’t like this Stinky Turnip much

Terracotta Warrior-dead

10mins later he just plops over and dies

He’s easily one of my favourite drops from the champions, even though you need to equip the item.