With less than a day to go before the expansion goes live, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. The beta has been purged from my system after five months of testing, blogging and research. Tonight I spent quite a while going through my bank, bags and Guild bank to see how much space I could gain once the levelling starts. The good news is, I gained quite a bit from items I wouldn’t miss too terribly.


There are so many ways to go once that countdown hits zero. I could do the introductory quest in Org to head out to Pandaria, level a Panda though the starting zone, work on my professions or begin pet battling. Blizzard has stated that you won’t even need to log out as you’ve had to previously so wherever you are in the world, you’ll get the introductory quest to start you on your way as well as the XP bar. At least that’s the plan, according to GC *fingers crossed right? For me though, I plan on waiting a bit before I head to Pandaria, at least until things die down a bit.

So with Mists of Pandaria going live in less than 18hrs now, what kind of last minute preparations are you doing for release and what do you plan to do once it’s live?

Whatever you decide, I’ll see you in Pandaria :)