Over the last couple of days, we’ve tried a few of the scenarios. A few were familiar but so far my new favourite is the Crypt of Forgotten Kings. It looks suspiciously like the Tomb of Conquerors I explored only a few days ago.

The first one we tried was Thunderpaw Refuge. I remember we managed to get a few of the achievements at the end very easily – without even knowing what they were. Yesterday was no different.

Thunderpaw Refuge

Next came the Brewmoon Festival which bugged for us the first time we tried it on the beta. Thankfully, it went without a hitch this time ’round.

Brewmoon Festival

Brewmoon Festival

The third one was Unga Ingoo – my favourite from the beta. The boss made such an amusing entrance it was hard not to love it. In fact, for me it was one of the most memorable things about the place and you end the scenario by trying some of the beer you were trying to protect.

Spill No Evil

Next up was Crypt of Forgotten Kings, one of the new ones we had yet to try. How could you not love it with that Star Wars reference? No doubt Cymre Jones will be back to uncover what else is hidden in the Crypts.

It's a Trap!

Crypt of Forgotten Kings

Funnily enough, even though you can do these scenarios with no set roles, we find it easier just to go in as Disc/Prot – although we’ve had a couple of instances where we’ve had two healers in the trio so in the last scenario, both priests went shadow. Of course you can do it as is but it just takes a bit longer :P

The fact they are so varied, short and fun it makes a nice diversion to what you may normally be doing. Although the 463 items you may get from the bag make a nice perk too :)