The Quilen Statuette is one of two rare Mogu artifacts which requires 180 Mogu fragments (including up to three keystones) to compete.  The summoned Quilen lasts around 30sec with a 10min CD.

Quilen Statuette

Quilen Statuette says: “Ow. That really hurts. Not.”

This statuette, carved during the brief reign of Mogu emperor Kang, was part of an experiment to bind Quilen servants in small stones. This experiment was abandoned as the Quilen thus bound were greatly diminished in power and thus deemed unworthy.

Taken form the Archaeology Journal

In this case, it appears the description above was correct. As a trinket, it wasn’t too impressive damage-wise but it could be used to bump up your alts ilvl. However, I was surprised to see him talk. He’s said to share the same dialogue as the Anatomical Dummy.

The hardest thing was getting my summoned pet and myself to face the same direction :P