This week’s Shared Topic was brought to us by Mataoka who wrote:

A few weeks ago, I noticed logging onto some characters seemed to be more irksome than others, it dawned on me that there were a few who never, ever seemed to be a chore to play. My question is, (and yes, you need to have more than one character over level 1) which of your characters do you always look forward to “seeing?” But the real question is why? Perhaps think of this from a role playing perspective, that this character has a personality, play style and demeanor that inevitably just works. I’d love to meet them!

It’s no question that Cymre is my pride and joy in the game. She was gathering achievements even before they were popular in a Guild that didn’t really focus on them back then. It was something that I took a lot of pride in doing while working on my own personal milestones. I never bragged about my achievements but it was something that made me smile knowing that I could put so much effort into something and see it showcased in a journal.

Cymre loves to explore whether it’s a new continent, area or documenting interesting places in WoW. She’s also a completionist opting to collect all the recipes and designs for her professions. An avid pet collector, she gathered all the bought pets available in-game (which started back on my original hunter) so when they became account-wide, she ended up with a lot of duplicates.

For those aware of her transmog and costumes designs, it’s no wonder she has a lot of bag issues with the number of costume changes she goes through or the odd item that’s been removed from the game – especially in the last few expansions, she’s accumulated quite a number of them.


My hunter will always hold a special place in my heart as she was my very first 60 and the only character I really played until BC came out. I still love collecting those rare pets though – which is reflected in my full stable of unique companions.

Hunter pet and Tiny Shale Spider

All of my other alts have proven skilled at various professions so that I’m as self-sufficient as possible. This goes back to the days when I was on a US server and often the only one in the Guild.


My mage is great for offering free sustenance and ports that come so easily to her. But she’s also my tailor which comes in handy for my priest.


As a druid, Tals has a knack for herbing and her ability to change forms with ease is hard to ignore.


Then there’s my pali who’s often used as my plate-wearing twin, although she could also be described as Cym’s hard-hitting sister.