Random whispers can be funny sometimes. It was only last month when a particular conversation revealed that I was known as the first Relic Hunter on the server (which would be awesome if it were true) but the other day I received another unexpected whisper from a name that seemed familiar.


He went on to say that he writes for Zwingli’s blog so I paused my battle with Farmer Nishi to check it out. One of his recent posts caught my eye prompting me to leave a comment and then hit the home button.

What I saw left me both surprised and flattered. Zwingli had written a post about our encounter :P I couldn’t help but whisper him “LOL, I just saw your homepage :)” There was a slight pause but I guess he was surprised that I saw his post. I was also asked not to reveal his secret mission to Matty which I did not.

Yesterday, when I hopped into Terrace LFR, Cool asked to copy my Sandstone Drake transformation while I copied his illusion. Just before the first pull, I had another shadow priest wink at me, so I winked back thinking nothing of it. When the mobs started dying I told Cool how amused I was at seeing some dragon shadow clones but noticed that some were coming out from funny angles. It was only then I realised what the other shadow priest was winking about.


If you look closely, you should see three drakes in the pic

Just after we killed the Sha, I happened to see an update on Twitter.


A chance encounter and I didn’t even realise until after…

Hmm, I wonder who I’ll meet next?