I’m not quite sure how this started but I found this little gem from Rades yesterday. Seriously, that’s way too much cuteness in one spot.

So I couldn’t help but check this out myself. After the last round of Chibi goodness last year, it was hard to resist making another chibi for my priest, only this time for Cymre Jones.

After tinkering with the program for what seemed like an hour, I tweeted:

This was my first attempt at Cymre Jones (uploaded to my Facebook page) followed by a priest version and then Wonder Woman.

CymreJones Cymre-angel Wonder Woman

Then came the two facebook banners I made to go with them…


Cymre formal (cheongsam) – Cymre Jones – Cymre (priest – minus the halo)

Cymre Jones - Three ways

Cymre Jones – Three ways

OK, I think it’s out of my system now, although I might make some for my alts later :P

Now the question is, can you resist making one too?