As one of many Lost Treasures hidden around Pandaria, this one’s a bit tricky since it has five different spawn points – all within Paoquan Hollow in the north-western part of Valley of the Four Winds. I’ve been lucky enough to spot this item twice. Once on my hunter while questing in the area and then later on Cymre while pet battling.

Staff of the Hidden Master in tree

You can only see these items once per toon (just like the Riches of Pandaria).

Staff of the Hidden Master leaning against stump

When I saw this second staff, I noticed Navi was on so I asked if she was interested but she wasn’t sure if she had picked it up or not. It turned out she had because she couldn’t see it when she arrived. Shame, since I was hoping to use it as a Winter Veil gift but oh well.

Now if you use some kind of addon that tracks co-ordinates, you can use these to pinpoint the locations:

  • 15.4, 29.1
  • 17.5, 35.7
  • 19.1, 37.9
  • 15.0, 33.7
  • 19.0, 42.5

Good luck!