It’s no surprise that I’ve coveted this little cutie ever since I saw her so when I recently added her to my Ultimate Wish List, my fellow blogging friend Lyss made the generous offer to make this possible. We never got to finish our staff in MischiefUs as we started in FL quite late in the expansion so as a newly formed Guild, the pet was always out of my reach. Even as a healer, I managed to start the chain eventually and I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to complete the Nexus part of the legendary.

As soon as Lyss made the suggestion, I told her how much I would love the chance to knock one of my most wanted pets off the list. So I created a character on their server and waited for a Guild invite. It wasn’t long before I was on my way, questing through the starting area and into Silvermoon City to try to buy the Guild Tabard. But Doh, I had to wait until honoured for that.

A funny thing happened before I left the starting area though, I had a whisper asking “where did you get that [Anubisath Idol]?” When I responded “from the raid in AQ40” they asked if I could take them there. I politely said “no” and continued on my way.

Before I left the initial area, Lyss was kind enough to send me some bags and Gold with Arv sending me some more money later to buy the tabard as soon as I hit honoured. The few Guildies I talked to were friendly enough as I’d conversed with them before – Lyss, Slice and Rep – although Rep did a double-take when I responded in chat…

Repgrind chat

…that is until Arv got on asking “who invited the fail priest?” Psh! Then the next day, Slice gave me a rather ‘wet’ welcome… hehe

Boy, I’d forgotten how slow it was to level up a toon with no heirlooms on the server but the Guild perk certainly helped some. Other things you just take for granted like the JC necks and rings you can make in the early levels. But probably the most important one of all was my levelling partner. That was later rectified though :)

The first time I used Holy Fire, I was wondering why the cast was so slow. Oh yeah, it’s only instant with the glyph… eek. Running around those first 20 levels was a real pain so as soon I hit level 20, I headed straight to the riding trainer. It was great to get my Swift White Hawkstrider out again :)

Swift White Hawkstrider

As with other US Guilds I’ve been a part of, my accent was quite a hit on Vent so I suggested if Sorak wanted to hear my accent more, he could listen to my Twisted Nether interview :P

I was so sure that I’d have the rep in one day, remembering when Cool managed to get exalted with our Guild in 21 levels. The advantage of just being able to send the tabard from toon-to-toon. A couple of days later at level 21, I had just reached revered.

From there, I had to wait until Cool caught up as I knew he would like the pet as well. Oh, the wait!!

Quest NPC

I have to say I was tempted to do a few pet battles when I saw some uncommons in my journal. I did a few when Cool wasn’t looking though but cancelled when I saw they weren’t upgrades. It was a bit more nerve-wracking being on a PVP server though – LOL!

Today we both managed to finish our rep grinds, getting exalted with the Guild. Whoo-hoo! All we had to do now was find the Guild vendor in Undercity. Thanks again to Arv for sending us both the funds for our Lil’ Tarecgosa pets a day earlier. <3

Tarecgosa with Lyss and Arv

What can I say other than Thank You so much to my friends at Shadow Rising for my awesome new pet. I don’t think you’ll ever know how much this means to me. As a token of my appreciation, I left some gifts with a few in SR.

Lyss – Pandaren Water Spirit (and the Pandaren Fire Spirit – see below)
Slice – Pandaren Water Spirit
Arv – Pandaren Fire Spirit  – I knew Arv had one but I wanted to give him something anyway. He, in turn, decided to give it to Lyss.

Here she is at level 25 :D