A few weeks ago, WoWTCGLoot made it possible for Wowhead to run their latest contest which included some of the rarest items ever to be given away.

So imagine my surprise when I checked my account this morning to see that I had unlocked the following achievement.

WowheadWinner 2013 WoW TCG Loot Winner

To enter the contest, you were asked to answer: What have you been most excited to achieve/acquire in-game?

With an abundance of responses in the 22,089 comments submitted, I knew the judges would have their work cut out for them. In the end, I placed second which is kind of amazing considering how many entries there were.

This was my comment:

There are so many things I’m proud of in-game, some of which are titles like Salty and Relic Hunter. I was also excited to get the Over 9000 achievement pretty early on.

Other game highlights include:

  • Getting my wolf mount on my tauren in vanilla;
  • Being asked to pull the first mobs in AQ20 when the gates first opened;
  • All the limited edition pets I own;
  • My Swift Zulian Tiger;
  • My complete class sets.

I’ve been coveting the Classic and BC Collector’s Edition pets as well as the Ethereal Soul-Trader and Tyrael’s Hilt the most as I’ve been an avid pet collector ever since I started playing.

Reading through the announcement post, there were remarks about some winners producing poor quality replies, not answering the question or have less than verbose answers.

Perculia responded with the following:

To address concerns that might pop up: this was one of our largest contests ever in the site’s history. After every contest there’s always some disappointment that a user who won hasn’t posted enough, or had a subpar reply, or is secretly a sockpuppet. We’ve moved announcing the winners off newsposts a while back because the debates were detracting from the actual WoW discussion :/

For this contest, we’ve got users who won that wrote paragraphs on their favorite thing, who have tons of site rep, who are relatively new but are active, who signed up for a chance at winning, and who wrote short but meaningful replies. Altogether it’s a varied mix, like you’d expect from a contest of this size.

Congrats to the winners again :)

I can’t say I’m a little disappointed not to win the Grand Prize but at least I won something.

For those curious, here’s the winning comment:

First Yogg25 with 0 Watchers kill, we are told to /rnd 1000 for the Head, I roll a 1000 :)

Now to wait for the winning email…