A few days ago, Cool and I completed the first part of Wrathion’s War which required you to kill the Alliance leader in Krasarang Wilds. The second part involved winning two new battlegrounds. Now I wasn’t sure what to expect as it’s been a long time since I’ve PVP’ed. For that reason, I only have two PVP pieces from Sha drops so I ended up going in as Disc in my regular gear to see what the BG was like.

We queued up for both Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines, going into Temple first. I like how it was such a small area with only 1600 resources to acquire so it couldn’t take that long to complete. I pretty much followed whoever had our orbs until people started focus firing on me but it didn’t net a win.

The next queue led us into Silvershard Mines. All I knew about the place was controlling some carts and from the loading screen, thoughts of Indiana Jones popped into my head. Before going in, I made sure I had my two PVP pieces on, inc. my Vicious Gladiator’s Medallion of Tenacity and seemed to do better.

End of the Line

Cool and I just went from cart to cart, taking control of any Alliance controlled ones. I was excited to get the End of the Line achievement since I wasn’t even expecting it. Little did we realise we almost had another one too but left just before it reached the depot to help out elsewhere. This BG seemed like a pretty easy win as we received our first of two. We almost lasted the entire match without dying but became overrun with less than a minute to go. I was pretty pleased to be the top healer for Horde though.

Silvershard Mines win

Still needing a win for Temple, we ended up getting it after two more matches. I even managed to get Four Square and Temple of Kotmogu All-Star which I admit I was trying to do. All-in-all, both BGs were quite fun.

Four Square

Once we handed in the quest to Wrathion, we watched another little cutscene before receiving our achievement and Eye of the Black Prince which I inserted into my Sha staff… hoping to get my mace very soon /sigh.

In case you were wondering, you can purchase another prismatic from the Valor vendor in Townlong Steppes for 2,250G (with the Guild perk).