Maxing out all professions turned out to be a pretty epic feat, although it was fairly easy getting all but ONE to max level just by levelling a handful of toons on the same server. In fact, my five main Horde characters, work so well together, I’m pretty self-sufficient with Coolidge filling in all the Blacksmith and Engineering holes.

However, this changed somewhat when I saw the new achievement added in Mists. As one who has always worked hard at her personal achievements, I knew it was just a matter of time before I got it so with ten professions covered between my five level 90s, I was stuck on Blacksmithing with no skilled toon to help. My first thought was to drop ENG on another alt (on another server) but then I would have to level her up and I wasn’t too keen on doing that.

In the end, I decided to drop enchanting on my other priest so I could start power levelling her as a Blacksmith – since she was my last 85, it proved my best option. The only problem was, I didn’t have a miner on that side, that’s where Cool came in. He was able to supply me with all my smelting needs (at least past my level 40 something miner on Alliance). I resorted to buying most of my ore, bars and other raw materials from the AH, trying to sell whatever I could to make some money. Thankfully, I had a number of duplicate pets which helped but when we actually started levelling our original priest/pali combo, it was even easier.

Master of All

Today we even reverted our Draenei back to Human so that when the racial improvements are implemented, we’ll be ready… however long that takes to happen.

So a big thanks to Coolidge for mining all the ghost iron needed for my last 100 points and double achievement. It’s just a shame I had levelled past the first 450 points or so before I had read about the new changes coming in 5.2. For those who don’t know, you’ll be able to level from 1-600 BS just by using Ghost Iron. It doesn’t make the achievement any less worth it though.

On another note, I wish it were possible to relearn an old profession to the level you had before (inc. rare recipes) for a fee and a lockout timer, maybe no sooner that two years or something so people don’t just relearn a profession whenever it suits them.