It’s a little funny that I managed to get past exalted with the Golden Lotus and not see one Skyshard on my priest. Then a few months later, after getting honoured on my hunter, I still didn’t see any.

So when I decided to continue my rep grind with the faction on Tallys, I saw my first one out of the Treasures of the Vale. This gave me hope that I would see more if I continued to do the quests every day. With the Commendation boost, it helped me get to revered and exalted that much faster so I was surprised when a few days later I received a key and two Skyshards from two different mobs in the Vale.

Treasures of the Vale x1
Shao-Tien Reclaimer x1
Slateskin Troublemaker x1

In other news, I was able to try something new with Cool the other day…


If you like temporary transformations, this is a cute little addition. Just emote the adorable little panda cub by your Pandarian portal in your Capital City with a /hug, /love or /pat, the next time you’re there to receive a Magic Bamboo Shoot.

The illusion will last 10mins and allow you to cast spells but will lose the effect once you take damage (unless you use Ai-Li’s Skymirror). It’s also a conjured item so be sure to use it before you log out.

rocket bamboozled

This of course called for a road trip or should I say scenic flight…


until… CRZs kick in



Another side effect while running my daily dungeon


Smite apparitions!

Shit, I just remembered I forgot to do it on two of my toons today… still no mask and I won’t hold my breath for the mount but I’ll keep going until it’s over for another year.